Listen Up

From scorching guitar solos to jazzy hip-hop and indie-electro, plenty of new music this week

Kishi Bashi: F Delano Upbeat instrumentation envelops the complex subject matter of Kishi Bashi‘s new track “F Delano.” As one may assume, the lyrics address the reputation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt—specifically his perception as a hero in contrast to his use of internment camps for Japanese-Americans. From the singer/songwriter/violinist’s forthcoming album Omoiyari, this song falls among many others tackling the geopolitical strife from the past …

Barrie: Saturated

From dream-pop outfit Barrie’s debut album Happy To Be Here (out early May on Winspear), the very sweet “Saturated” takes a fairly pared-back approach, but is, at times, incredibly rich. With a retro tinge, the song is about that overwhelming, all-encompassing feeling that can come along with a crush. Says lead singer and songwriter Barrie Lindsay, “It’s minimal and exposed, kind of vulnerable, but in …

Circe: Barely Breathing

Premiering on the 405, London newcomer Circe’s “Barely Breathing” rains down emotion from clouds drawn in dreamscapes. There’s a heartbeat to the track, propelled by more than guitar and electronics; it’s chemical. Circe has two live performances scheduled for London, one in February and another in March.