The Potential of Dissolvable Cranberry Film

Since 2008, Yanyun Zhao—a professor of food science at Oregon State University—has been researching the potential of the humble cranberry. Even when juiced, the crushed berry maintains a fibrous substance that Zhao turned into a film that’s “edible, no-waste, anti-microbial and water-soluble,” and could replace plastic in many cases. “When you’re making this film,” Zhao says, “You need stretch, you need elasticity, you need a …

An Illustrated Catalog Of American Fruits & Nuts

From Atelier Editions and The United States Department of Agriculture Pomological Watercolor Collection comes a hardcover archive of 7,497 botanical watercolor paintings of fruits and nuts that were made by various artists in the late 19th to early 20th century. While offering beautiful, botanically accurate artwork, the collection also anthropologically and horticulturally traces the transformation of American fruit cultivation and consumption.

Swedish Small-Batch Gin Ógin Benefits from a Culinary Touch

Chef Jón Óskar Árnason sources hand-picked botanicals, sometimes from his own garden, for this inspired spirit

For chef Jón Óskar Árnason, inspiration for Ógin—a liquid seasoned with raw ingredients sourced from Sweden’s forests, that tempers juniper’s zing with the sweetness of rare arctic raspberries—struck while he was visiting distilleries in Scotland a few years ago. He was taken by how some distillers use raw (not dry) ingredients for their batches. “The way I look at raw materials and botanicals, I know …