CH Omakase 2016: June Taylor Syrups

Two handmade, small-batch potions for cocktails and cooking

When we first began writing about June Taylor back in 2005, we were almost hesitant to reveal something we loved so much. Taylor, who describes herself as a “seed-to-stem” creator, selects (and sometimes even picks) each piece of organic seasonal fruit and turns them all into an array of delicious products including jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit butters, fruit cheeses, candied peels and syrups. The latter happens to be a very versatile item, perfect with sparking water, as part of a cocktail, or used in endless ways in the kitchen. When we approached Taylor about CH Omakase 2016, she proposed two small-batch syrups—each of only 24 bottles—Santa Rosa plum and rose geranium, and lemon verbena. Each brings their fruit forward in an unadulterated way, letting the fruit express itself. These limited edition syrups lend themselves well to a vinaigrette too, but consider adding it to a cocktail for something surprising.

June Taylor’s Santa Rosa plum and geranium and lemon verbena syrups were made available only to CH Omakase clients, but Taylor has many other variations available at her Still Room, each retailing for $28. If you’re in San Francisco you can see her every Saturday at the Ferry Plaza Farmers Market. To make sure you’re given early access to exclusive products next year, reserve your CH Omakase gift box online now.

Images by Cool Hunting