Tanner Goods Launches BĀS: II Collection

A military-vibed unisex range, inspired by fictional, futuristic optimists

The second release from Tanner Goods‘ sci-fi inspired collection, named BĀS: II, is a sprawling line of unisex, military-inspired vintage finds, one-off goods, and reworked classics.

The inspiration was drawn from fictional, peaceful, roving futuristic optimists. Beyond the narrative the brand dreamt up, the collection is rooted in the utilization of long-lasting materials and timeless styles (in particular, the garments engineered to meet the specifications of peacekeeping NATO nations during the ’80s and ’90s). A custom “Mint Chip” camouflage, field liners, boonie hats and Italian paratrooper jackets highlight the collection, which spans from necessities to accessories.

Rob Darmour, the brand’s creative director, tells us that it’s the little things that make these pieces so unique: “There are details and consideration that you’d never see in fashion, which gives each product a unique character. There are these hidden embroidered drain-holes on the inside of our Six Color Chips Camo BDU pants to prevent the pockets from holding water during field exercises. The Alpha Industries liners have wooly cuffs and a button at the front placket that allow you to wear the liner as an outer layer and keep the cold out, while it can still be buttoned into an M65 Jacket.  The Italian Camouflage Jacket uses an extra snap to hold the hood in place when its not in use.”

The pieces are certainly vintage-looking, but the quality of the material, and Tanner Goods’ eye for silhouettes that will withstand trends and phases make this collection a welcome addition to their stable of standards and everyday goods.

Darmour tells us, “Military clothing is built to outlast some of the most difficult conditions on the planet, so the products themselves are capable of being multi-generational. It’s why you can find something from WWII that’s still wearable.”

“All of these garments are unique, deadstock items. We’ve done the leg work to pull together a complete collection of vintage styles that all work together,” he says. “You are going to have something no one else does by the very nature that these are limited styles.”

Images courtesy of Tanner Goods

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