Trace New York’s Gender-Neutral Fragrances

Five hand-blended scents of the utmost quality

Trace New York‘s founder Tony Olsen spent years in the world of interior design. Hailing from San Francisco, he worked in the Bay Area until a move to NYC in 2001 and now, 17 years later, he is launching Trace—a fragrance brand at the intersection of his passions—to provide scents that claim no gender, much like the essential oils he once loved wearing.

Olsen has hand-blended and hand-poured a roster of five fragrances—Tatum, Taylor, Tanner, Tarlow and Tarick—that boast notes ranging from bergamot and lime to green apple and fern. “I formulate with no gender in mind,” Olsen says. “But, I selfishly blended this first collection with all of my favorite notes.”

The scents sit delicately on the skin and reappear subtly—as good fragrance should—and evolve as the day goes on. “Creating the perfect formulation is an extension of my creative intuition,” Olsen says. “Some things you know will work, others you will feel. It’s a delicate dance between knowledge and taking a risk.”

All phthalate- and cruelty-free, the 60ml water-based mist bottles ($45) and 10ml oil-droppers ($39) are long-lasting and are available on Trace’s website.

Images by Evan Malachosky