The First Complete Solution For Microgreen Gardening in Gastronomy + Hospitality

Studio Oberhauser recently released the EmotionCube Microgreen, and it’s setting a bounty of precedents. The cube is the first complete solution for microgreen gardening in the gastronomy and hospitality industry, as well as the first walk-in climate greenhouse that uses liquid crystal glazing, automatic doors and a climate-regulating tuff stone floor. Made using 100% recyclable materials, the impressive cube is equipped with infrared lighting that …

Holiday Gift Guides 2020: Winter Garden

Presents for plant parents and lovers of all things lush

Even (or especially) in the chilling depths of winter, plants offer a reminder of growth and life, nature and harmony. In turn, gifting something garden-related can act as inspiration. Whether you’re buying for somebody with acres of backyard or a tiny apartment jungle, cacti-killers or perfect plant parents, there are lots of practical and aesthetically pleasing options in our Winter Garden gift guide. From vases …

Dark Grey Greenhouse

Composed of lacquered solid ash wood, tempered glass and a planting tray of galvanized steel, Design House Stockholm’s Greenhouse in dark grey offers an elegant indoor world for greenery. Atelier 2+’s Worapong Manupipatpong and Ada Chirakranont designed the greenhouse for Wallpaper magazine’s annual Handmade Exhibition; their intention was to bring the beauty of the natural world inside.