Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Saying goodbye to Kepler, an upstate Witch Camp, Halloween in Tokyo and more in our look around the web

Farewell to NASA’s Kepler Telescope Kepler—the beloved NASA telescope responsible for discovering 70% of the 3,800 confirmed “alien worlds” to date—officially met its end yesterday. After nearly a decade of exploration, the telescope ran out of fuel and can no longer transmit data or focus on transient objects in space. During its time in flight the Kepler was able to study nearly 150,000 stars simultaneously and …

Shibuya’s Impressive Halloween Celebrations

Tokyo—specifically Shibuya—is one big, well-costumed party in a new photo series by Kawasaki-based photographer Ko Sasaki. Over the past decade, Halloween celebrations have been gaining momentum in Japan, and the costumes—ranging from classic to unconventional—are wildly impressive. Visit Afar to see all the corpse brides, witches, aliens and more.

Six Bloody Maria Variations From Herradura’s “Legends Challenge”

Masterful remixes of the tequila-powered brunch cocktail from some of the best bartenders in the US

The cocktails on signature menus move around as quickly as the bartenders making them. Some sippers have moved on from the longstanding staple Bloody Mary to its tequila-based sibling the Bloody Maria. Last week’s Tequila Herradura Legends bartender challenge took aim at Bloody Maria as one of three intense (and flavorful) competitions. Rather than lump on some garnish, the 26 contestants sought out either the …