Nightclub Art Troupe House of Yes + Digital Platform Bramble’s Virtual Spectacle, “House of Hallucinations”

Halloween may be over but the reverberations from the “House of Hallucinations” still linger. In lieu of an in-person affair, nightclub art party programmers House of Yes built a spooky world within Artery’s new digital platform, Bramble, to host a multi-room, multi-person event online. Guests who signed in were prompted to select an avatar and give it a name. From there, attendees used computer directional buttons to walk a red carpet and then enter the digital warehouse space. When avatars approached one another, Zoom-like boxes appeared to reveal the human behind the avatar and dialogues could take place “face to face.” It was a mesmerizing blend of fantasy and reality—with psychedelic backdrops, DJ sets, “live” performers and an entire room aswirl with art. This was no Zoom trivia night; it was a surreal digital realm with a dose of IRL. Learn more about House of Yes at their site.

Image courtesy of House of Yes