NASA Unveils Two “Galaxy of Horrors” Posters

Just in time for Halloween, NASA has shared two posters featuring the distant exoplanets, HD 189733 b (Rains of Terror) and PSR B1257+12 c (Zombie Worlds). For this series, meant to showcase places “only sophisticated telescopes” can reach, the space agency borrows storylines from famed sci-fi films and pairs them with hypothetical real-life journeys. HD 189733 b is characterized as being “the killer you never see coming.” The other, PSR B1257+12 c is an “undead star” that holds a “horrifying grip” on a trio of planets. While the posters are playful and timely, they also feature plenty of navigable graphics. Plus, each print is available for download (in varying sizes) for free. See more at NASA’s site.