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Little Dragon: Slugs of Love

Opening with an immediately catchy bass line, Little Dragon’s “Slugs of Love” is a jaunty, sparkly, ’80s-tinged bop. The Swedish indie-pop band says in a statement, “Did you know that Leopard Slugs …

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Hannah Jadagu: Warning Sign

At first, “Warning Sign,” the latest single from Hannah Jadagu’s forthcoming debut album, Aperture, sounds sparse and soft, but then it transforms with surprising instrumentation. Abrupt percussion, gentle keys and spatial strings turn …

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King Princess: The Bend

Appearing on NME and Bose’s C-Series mixtape (slated to land mid-March), “The Bend” by King Princess is a tender, gentle ballad. The artist (aka Mikaela Strauss) lends soft and at times raspy …

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Miss Grit: Nothing’s Wrong

“Nothing’s Wrong,” the latest single from Miss Grit (aka Margaret Sohn), is at once dreamy and haunting. The track opens with creeping guitar and laidback percussion, progressing into Sohn’s gentle vocals and …

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King Isis: in my ways

Oakland, California-born singer-songwriter King Isis follows their first single “4leaf clover” with the new cut, “in my ways.” With an easygoing melody and fuzzy guitar, the indie track is equal parts angsty …

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A moving song in support of oppressed women, a sapphic folk single, a three-part reggae piece and more new music

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Blue Mena: Knocked Out

Brooklyn-based singer, multi-instrumentalist, producer and DJ Mena Sachdev has released their debut single under the moniker Blue Mena. The very pretty “Knocked Out” is a psych-tinged pop song that explores identity, gender, …