LUME: Edge of My Seat

From Brighton singer/songwriter LUME comes “Edge of My Seat,” a song to follow her 2018 EP titled Tip of Your Thumb. The track pulls from multiple genres—hip-hop sits somewhere inside, pop synths and indie melodies flow throughout. While it’s a breezy tune, it still bears some complexity—and optimism, as she sings of being bound for bright lights.

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From classic hip-hop to a reissue and a remix in our musical round-up this week

Tertia May: In My Head Premiering on Wonderland, Tertia May’s “In My Head” is a dreamy, dusky approach to jazz—complete with polished, hip-hop-influenced production from Subculture. Soulful and rich, the song sees May maneuver between almost spoken-word to stirring, soaring vocals. Combining elements of soul, hip-hop, house and beyond, May continues to carve out a unique space for herself. Stereolab: French Disco [Early Version Mix] …

Wet: Old Bone (Jim-E Stack Remix)

NYC-based band Wet’s single “Old Bone” was a string-plucked tune with an emphasis on lead singer Kelly Zutrau’s vocals. But the remixed version, by Jim-E Stack, leans into the track’s core rhythm. With an upbeat drum and looming synths, the guitar is replaced by darker, distant strumming. Zutrau’s vocals are buried under a bit of distortion, but still bear the same raw emotion. Catch Wet on …