Isaora’s Insulated Indigo Shirt

A unique chambray shirt-meets-jacket hybrid that can tackle transitional weather

With the onset of colder temperatures in the northern hemisphere, light jackets and layering again return to one’s wardrobe. An ideal companion piece (or replacement piece, depending on the weather) for any autumn outfit, Isaora’s insulated shirts utilize Primaloft Gold insulation for the sake of retaining heat while keeping each item slender, so your overall look doesn’t become bulky or awkward. This proprietary material happens to be one of the lightest and warmest synthetic fills on the market, while also demonstrating high compressibility.

In previous years, we’ve been taken by Isaora’s collaborative pieces. This year, however, it’s their indigo options (actually, dyed chambray) with a sharp shirt-meets-jacket tailoring that stand out. Remarkably, the outerwear is guaranteed to age much like real raw denim. Altogether, Isaora aims to deliver highly durable, long-lasting apparel. With these insulated indigo shirts, the brand has created something versatile, warm and sleek.

Explore the Isaora insulated shirt range online, where prices start at $189.

Images courtesy of Isaora