Improve Circulation with ISAORA’s Microlight Down Jacket

Insulation in the lightweight top layer converts body heat to infrared energy


The lightweight down jacket is quickly becoming a chilly weather essential. Easily packed, universally layered and appropriate for both casual downtime and as performance activewear, it’s no wonder why the versatile piece is becoming ubiquitous. ISAORA‘s latest take comes equipped with a water-resistant outer material to brave the elements and bears the quality the NYC-based company has become known for. However it’s what’s inside the Microlight IR Down Jacket that really sets it apart. Insulated with a specially treated goose ThermaDown, the jacket converts body heat to infrared energy that is shown to improve athletic performance and overall physiological condition.


As energy in the form of heat comes off the body, the Celliant-treated goose fill in the jacket reacts to the change in temperature. An activated nano-coating traps the heat and converts it to infrared energy. The benefits of infrared energy on the body in medical and sports science settings are well-documented, with the most over-arching benefit being improved circulation. In turn, this increases oxygenation levels in muscles and heightens the body’s ability to maintain a level core temperature as well as speeds recovery from muscle-related injuries. Ultimately, the jacket not only stays warm, it also contributes to heightened performance and overall improved muscle and circulatory health. Not bad from a piece that’s outwardly attractive as well.

Introduced earlier today, 7 October 2014, the Microlight IR Down Jacket is now available for $225 in black and light grey.

Images courtesy of ISAORA