Matte Black Journal

Everybody who keeps a journal or sketchbook understands that sometimes it doesn’t feel like there’s anything to write or draw or even scribble down manically. The acid-free pages of the handmade leather Mind Journal, however, offer encouragement over the course of several pages. From specific tasks to questions and prompts, a Mind Journal will get some kind of creation from you. Price is in Euros.

ARCHER Day Planner

The Active System Co’s ARCHER Monthly Day Planner and Journal was designed with efficiency, productivity and awareness in mind. Part calendar, journal and activity log, the ARCHER planner contains 52 pages of neatly organized sections to document appointments, emotions, weather, meals and any other notable daily activities. The nine-inch-long notebooks are slim, lightweight and sold in packs of three.

Tycho Journal

A new sci-fi publication currently funding on Kickstarter

With the ambitious goal to be “the most beautiful science fiction journal of all time,” Tycho Journal—co-founded by Adam Brent Houghtaling (former EIC and Brand Director at BlackBook Magazine) and Cici James (proprietor of science-fiction book store Singularity&Co) is currently funding on Kickstarter. Houghtaling, who was initially drawn to science-fiction through comics and film, believes that the “the bold ideas and big vision” of the …