Maps Mini Journals

Three notebooks decorated with Paula Scher's illustrated maps


Paula Scher‘s non-traditional approach to cartography formed the basis of the book “Maps,” a collection of her large-scale paintings that purposefully distort representations of famous cities. As a follow-up, Princeton Architectural Press has released a mini-journal series cloaked in Scher’s illustrations. Not only do they make for a gorgeous cover, the maps serve as a daily reminder of the importance of subjectivity and creative distortion.


London, Paris and New York are the three cities featured in the collection, and each interior is different with blank, ruled and gridded pages (fittingly, the grid goes to NYC and Paris is a blank slate). Streets, zones, transportation routes and points of interest create the patchwork that is Scher’s muddled, colorful look at contemporary urban life.

The pocket-sized journals are available from Amazon.

Images by James Thorne