Politik Magazine

A wide-ranging biannual print publication that captures the current zeitgeist through collectible content


The notion that print media is dead is continually proven wrong. With the successful launch of various biannual and quarterlies in recent years, it seems the case that print is actually alive and well—so long as it’s high quality, collectable editorial content. The newly launched New York City-based publication Politik Magazine represents this editorial-centric push. We caught up with the duo behind the magazine to talk about inspiration and putting content first.

Media professionals William Kaner, Politik’s creative director, and Paige Brierley Silveria, the magazine’s editor in chief, spent the last few years working on various creative projects throughout New York. After spending time in the print world, Kaner and Silveria wanted to bring something new to the table, reaching out to readers and contributors across various disciplines from art to science, to fashion to sports in order to bring unique content to readers in an immaculate print format.


Featuring a wide range of content is perhaps Politik’s greatest offering. The first issue of the publication features legendary rock’n’roll photographer Joe Stevens—known for his work with David Bowie and the Sex Pistols. While arts and culture are well-covered, Kaner and Silveria take care to present scientific and historical pieces alongside fashion and art. “We hope to excite people to read and open them up to new topics and areas of interest,” says Silveria.


When creating such a range of content, with the bulk the editorial content feature-length, Kaner says the creative direction around layout is especially important. “We have a very clean and simple aesthetic,” Kaner says, “I think it’s important that the frame not distract from what it’s presenting.”

Politik Magazine, named for the communal aspect of politics rather than the divisive nature, is currently crowd-funding to bring its first issue to print. Backers for the publication receive everything from autographed LPs and T-shirts to original art from Judith Supine—and, of course, a copy of the first issue.

Images courtesy of Politik Magazine