High Goal Gin

High Goal Gin is a light, citrus-forward and minty gin inspired by the character and cuisine of Charleston, South Carolina. Produced in the region in 3,000-bottle batches with a base that is six times distilled from corn, this premium gin combines lemon, juniper, coriander and cardamom from the local area, putting a refreshing, contemporary take on American spirits.

Recreating Long-Lost Liqueurs at Waterpocket Distillery

Delving into history for unique and botanical-rich spirits

Within the field of archeology, one of the most distressing concepts is the unfathomable amount of lost history. While traces of physical entities such as the Irish Crown Jewels, Roanoke Colony, and Amelia Earhart’s airplane may resurface in the future, an extraordinary number of intangible concepts have disappeared forever—namely languages, cultures and cuisines. Therefore, countless organizations and private businesses race to preserve the legacy of …

1,000 Living Botanicals Dangle Below a Sliver of Rolling Hill at Maison St-Germain

An NYC-based landscape design firm translates St-Germain liqueur into an artistic floral landscape

Inside Brooklyn‘s Greenpoint Terminal Warehouse, a 1,200-square-foot vegetal installation floats 40 feet in the air. From afar, it appears that a sliver of rolling hill has been plucked from a mystical, green landscape. Up close, however, one learns that its underside is a dangling root system composed of more than 1,000 flowers. This is the centerpiece for the third annual Maison St-Germain, a homage to …