Delicious Cold Brew Coffee Liqueur from Australia’s Mr Black

Sip it neat or lend a kick to innumerable cocktail recipes

When taking a sip of Mr Black, one immediately wonders why no brand had tried to produce something similar before. Mr Black is a cold brew coffee liqueur—a little bitter, a little sweet. It features Arabica bean coffee, masterfully pulled in the way only Australians can. And it’s blended with Australian wheat vodka to bring the strength to 50 proof. Only 300 bottles can be made at a time, by hand, in Mr Black’s facility—which features both a roastery and a distillery. All of these facts combined are the reason Mr Black really is the first of its kind.

The timing of this product is ideal: there’s never been quite as much concern for coffee culture and booze quality as there is now. The union of them both with Mr Black is extraordinary. Tangentially, the espresso martini has made a grand return, ushered into the classic cocktail echelon with newfound respect. But Mr Black is even more dynamic. Drink it like cold brew: black, over ice or with milk or cream. Or, put it into an espresso martini or any other cocktail that could benefit from the caffeinated kick. Remarkably, also, the brand claims the tipple has half the sugar content of “old-world” liqueurs.

Mr Black is available in NYC, London and Australia. In the US it retails for $40, and it’s certainly worth getting your hands on.

Images courtesy of Mr Black