Gravity Images Reveal Lost Continents Under Antarctica

For four years, the European Space Agency’s Gravity field and Ocean Circulation Explorer (GOCE) satellite accumulated data on Earth’s gravitational field. Now, scientists are using that information to best understand what lies beneath Antarctica’s ice sheets. Here, they’re learning that East and West Antarctica bear fundamental differences, including lithosphere thickness. Underneath the former, there are actually several similarities to the continent’s closest neighbors. Read more at VICE.

Track All Things Orbiting Earth Daily

The brainchild of James Yoder, a future Electrical and Computer Engineering student at the University of Texas at Austin, the website offers a realtime 3D map of Earth as seen from outer space—and it includes tracking visualizations for everything in orbit, refreshing daily. Yoder takes orbit data from and pairs it with the satellite.js Javascript library in order to ascertain satellite positions. The …

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

Fast food furniture, tech anxiety, tracking product placement and more in our web wrap-up

1. AuthaGraph World Map Corrects Perceptions No map is perfect but those behind AuthaGraph have offered an alternative that addresses size perception. By laying the spherical world out on 96 triangles, which are then transferred to a triangular pyramid, they have been able to depict continents (and countries) in more accurate sizes with regard to one another. When unfolded, this pyramid can either lay flat …