ECH Candleholder

The modular ECH candleholder by Warsaw-based UAU Project (founded by Justyna Fałdzińska and Miłosz Dąbrowski) transforms into various colorful combinations. Crafted from PLA, a 100% compostable bioplastic, it’s available in four different colorways and stands just under nine inches tall. Whether in use or not, the playful design looks great on display.

Plant-in-City’s Architectural Terrariums

Whether from wood or copper, these ecosystems house wonders

With the ease of upkeep for air plants and terrariums—not to mention their flourishing, eco-wonderland-like contributions to offices and living spaces—there is an array of curious new options on the market. One, rather distinct from the rest, is NYC-based Plant-in-City founded by Huy Bui. In lieu of glass or ceramics, Bui works with wood, copper and steel—and his geometric pieces take their design cues from …

AIAIAI’s Modular TMA-2 Headphones

The Danish audio company's new headphones offer a way for users to build and continually adapt their own ideal pair

Copenhagen-based audio company AIAIAI has been riding the success of their TMA-1 headphones since 2009. Today however the brand unveiled the next iteration and their vision for the contemporary headphone: the TMA-2 Modular. Aiming to suit the unique needs of each user, the system allows you to build a pair according to your own preferences. Users can choose from four different speaker units, five types …