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KANZ Field Power Desk

Recharge off grid with a portable desk powered by lithium ion batteries and solar panels


For intrepid travelers, the ability to actually send an email, upload a video or simply maintain power remotely is essential. After the success of their Field Kitchen, KANZ Outdoors introduces the Field Power Desk to do all that.

The desk features GoalZero lithium iron batteries and mono crystalline solar panels and provides 12V and 5V outputs for constant juice on the road. The built-in power pack delivers 3-6 extra hours of power for laptops and even more for still and video cameras. Made with Baltic birch and Marine-grade aluminum, the desk weighs only 37 pounds. We asked creator Harald Kanz to share how his new KANZ Field Power Desk was born.

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When you designed the field kitchen and pantry, did the plans for the desk begin to form at that time?

The idea was born later when the solar panels and battery packs from GoalZero came along. While I was on road trips myself, I observed new trends and came to the conclusion that the way we communicate and work has changed. People want to have the choice to stay connected and work anytime from anywhere. Our new Field Power Desk provides a versatile platform. I hope it can be an answer to the demands of our time.

What were your primary goals with the desk design?

The goal was to design an ultra portable desk, which allows the user to work, play and connect from everywhere in the world at any time. We put a lot of thinking in the best usage of space and convenient access. The charging tray is guided on hidden rollers. When it is pushed in, it disappears just as much to clear the desktop, but is still able to monitor the charge status of the devices. Other spaces have just the right size for DIN cutout or to store most midsize laptop computers.


Who do you imagine using the desk and how can it enhance their work?

We imagined that this desk is useful for a lot of different people. The corporate guy, who sends out an email saying he is working from home, but who is actually sitting in his favorite outdoor spot. The desk could be helpful to a scientist or geologist, whose gear gets transported by small aircraft and water raft to very remote areas in Alaska. It could give teenagers the ability to stay connected to their friends at home while taking a family camping trip. An outdoor photographer or videographer can review the day’s work at night in a tent. The desk can also be a radio station communication center for base camps or a modern version of a campaign desk.

What extras can be ordered for the desk?

The desk can be ordered with 120Watt/hours or 240Watt/hours. Our first customer who bought it with the Satellite Internet option. Lights speakers and additional extensions cables and adaptors are also available.

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Do you have one set up at your house?

My daughter who is 14 has a prototype of these in her room. The room lights are 12V lanterns and she recharges her laptop and iPhone from the Field Power Desk as well. All this gets recharged from just one solar panel on the roof.

The KANZ Field Power Desk is available at KANZ Outdoors. It sells for $2,495 for the 120Watt or $2,995 for the 240Watt version.


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