Clairo: Amoeba

Singer-songwriter Clairo (aka Claire Elizabeth Cottrill) has released her second full-length, Sling, the follow-up her 2019 debut, Immunity. The album—produced by Cottrill and Jack Antonoff—was made in Upstate New York, and inspired by the landscapes and atmosphere there. From the album, “Amoeba” certainly stands out as a vintage-sounding pop song, carried by Cottrill’s gentle vocals. 

Recording Artist Joseph Reuben’s Song a Day Project

The London-born multi-instrumentalist, composer and fine artist asks participants for their thoughts

On lockdown in London, away from his home and studio in Los Angeles, recording artist (and fine artist) Joseph Reuben embarked upon a creative challenge to produce one song every day for 30 days. Dubbed project S.A.D (an acronym for “song a day,” but also a reference to the swirl of emotions he felt in the pandemic), Reuben accomplished his mission, with the result being …

Caroline Kingsbury: Fall In Love

An energized, ’80s-influenced pop track from LA-based recording artist Caroline Kingsbury, “Fall in Love” pairs soaring synths with dynamic vocals and a catchy chorus. Minh Pham directs the neon-lit music video, which comes complete with big hair flips, solo dance sessions and Kingsbury’s emotional performance. The track is a doorway to Kingsbury’s deeply personal debut album, Heaven’s Just a Flight (out 16 April 2021), which …