Caroline Kingsbury: Fall In Love

An energized, ’80s-influenced pop track from LA-based recording artist Caroline Kingsbury, “Fall in Love” pairs soaring synths with dynamic vocals and a catchy chorus. Minh Pham directs the neon-lit music video, which comes complete with big hair flips, solo dance sessions and Kingsbury’s emotional performance. The track is a doorway to Kingsbury’s deeply personal debut album, Heaven’s Just a Flight (out 16 April 2021), which will tell the tale of a queer artist coming out to the world—all the while dealing with intermingling tragedies and milestones. “I wrote ‘Fall In Love’ last year after I got back from my first tour,” Kingsbury tells us. “My girlfriend and I met on this tour. She was the guitarist for the artist I was opening for. I wasn’t looking for anything serious at all but immediately knew I had serious feelings for her. We fell in love. I was really conflicted when we first started dating because I was afraid I would lose myself in her like I had in a previous relationship. I wanted to look super-messy in parts of this video because… that’s how it actually was!”