Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co: Shipment Nine

Focused around the sun, this gift holds two solar products helping communities and the world

We created this edition of Cool Hunting’s Quarterly with Africa on our minds. Inspired by the sun’s potential to power our world in ways both big and small, we partnered with two innovative brands implementing solar power in inventive, intimate ways that also give back to the communities that inspired their products. A virtuous circle, if you will. The Luci lantern from Mpowerd is an …

Cool Hunting c/o Quarterly Co: Shipment Eight

The latest gifts are inspired by Africa and give back to the people and communities who crafted them

The most recent iteration of Cool Hunting’s Quarterly Co. will be reaching mailboxes soon, and it’s one we’re especially excited about. CHQ8 is born from our 2012 trip to Africa—an experience that educated, shaped and changed us. In Zambia the CH team met Malafian Chimungu—a now 16-year-old boy who makes animal figurines from snare wire. Not only is he creating something beautiful—it’s in great contrast …

Modern Farmer Subscription

The brainchild of Ann Marie Gardner—formerly an editor at both the NY Times’ T Magazine and Monocle—Modern Farmer caters to “window-herb growers, career farmers, people who have chickens, people who want to have chickens and anyone who wants to know more about how food reaches their plate.” Pick up a subscription of this quarterly to stay in the know year-round.