The Thing Quarterly: Issue 16

An epistolary shower curtain from author Dave Eggers

TheThing_Eggers2.jpg eggers_wrapp_web.jpg

For their upcoming issue, The Thing Quarterly reached out to literary and cultural icon Dave Eggers of McSweeney‘s and 826 Valencia. The collaboration announced today that the next shipment of quarterly objects will contain an epistolary shower curtain with a message inscribed to the person showering. Partnering with couture Parisian shower curtain manufacturer Izola, The Thing and Eggers aim to liven quotidian demands with a bit of literary wit.

Building on the publication’s history of imbuing common household items with a conceptual twist that adds an element of delight, the love letter is a meditation on showering. The inscription on the curtain bears Eggers’ sweetly self-referential sentimentality and humanism (to wit: “I like it when you like yourself. When you give a moment to your thighs.”) that recently garnered him a TED prize. The success of his charity tutoring program (and adjoining Pirate Supply Store) as well as the addition of Lucky Peach and Grantland to his rapidly expanding publishing house testify to Eggers’ ingenuity, which comes through in his feel-good address to vulnerable bathers.

We love the objects we’ve seen thus far from The Thing’s subscription service, which consistently re-imagines everyday objects in the vein of Marcel Duchamp. This edition is unique in that it’s available for individual purchase as well as with the purchase of a full-blown subscription. Pick up a subscription in our Gift Guide or pre-order Eggers’ Issue 16 from The Thing Quarterly before it ships next week.