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A look at Design Indaba Magazine's latest food-centric issue


Billing itself as the “carrier pigeon” of South Africa’s Design Indaba Conference and Expo, the organization’s eponymous magazine explores the same optimistic philosophy that creativity can change the world for the better, but in print. The quarterly magazine covers the latest in design from fashion to architecture to product design, and now, they take on food. Hitting newsstands 16 November, the latest issue is guest-edited by Dutch “eating designer” Marije Vogelzang, inspired by the key to our sustenance and survival.

The issue’s theme starts with the simple question Vogelzang posed to editor Nadine Botha every day for several weeks, “What did you eat yesterday?” From there, Vogelzang showcases her intriguing and absolutely unconventional use of design when it comes to food and eating. Describing her work as a bridge between the aesthetics of food and the chefs that create it, Vogelzang aims to design the entire experience from physical to psychological. Her unique approach to design has gained international notice, resulting in work with a list of notable clients that includes Hermès, Nike and Philips.

indada-food-1.jpg indaba-food-2.jpg

The issue also talks to chefs René Redzepi, Ferran Adrià and Homaru Canto for the “Declaración de Lima,” discusses problems with the current world food system and how creatives may approach the issues and celebrates food-industry players from Jamie Oliver to the countless food designers who remain behind the scenes.

To learn more about Vogelzang you’ll have to snag a copy of the issue from 16 November 2011, or head over to Design Indaba Magazine online to read more.