Jae Stephens: Got It Like That

Singer/songwriter/producer Jae Stephens’ “Got It Like That” is a catchy track about self-empowerment (and shrugging off unworthy, would-be suitors) from her forthcoming EP. The track is a dark, electronic-meets-R&B jam—accented with samples of bells, crowds chattering and ticking clocks—and Stephens’ honeyed vocals fit perfectly across its highs and lows.

Baby Rose: Sold Out

Baby Rose’s rich vocals rise with emotion from the complex but supportive arrangements in “Sold Out.” Vocals aside, the track is hazy—raw, emotional and soulful, bound by R&B and soul influences. There are moments of sunny bliss, even when the lyrics detail bitter heartbreak and moving on.

Collard: Hell Song

From his debut album Unholy, “Hell Song” is a genre-bending jam by London-based Collard. With elements of rock, blues, funk and R&B, the track is hazy, sultry and full of Collard’s fiery falsetto. Produced by Zach Nahome, the song will appeal to Prince and D’Angelo fans—but Collard isn’t imitating either of them. Unholy is out 10 May and promises to be electrifying.