Ghostly Products Nalgene Bottle

Music and art platform Ghostly International releases their own take on Nalgene’s signature narrow cap bottle. With a transparent gray color, Ghostly’s logo and the phrase “Everywhere Nowhere,” the reusable bottle pays tribute to the label’s genre-defiant, expansive work.

Special Delivery Tee

Printed on 100% cotton, custom-dyed T-shirts, Ghostly’s new Special Delivery T-shirt features an original design by Detroit-based cartoonist and illustrator Mike Burdick. A wriggly rendition of Ghostly’s beloved logo graces the front, while the back of the shirt includes a swirling delivery truck, spilling records.

Interview: Record Label Founder Zack Bia

From creating playlists to seeking out the next big artist, a pioneering path in the music industry

Multi-hyphenate creative entrepreneur Zack Bia works on so many projects across so many landscapes that it’s impossible to place him in one particular pop-culture category. What started as a meteoric rise—thanks to social media and support from some well-known friends—has turned into the steady path of founding his own record label, Field Trip Records. From seeking out the next big artist to DJing, Bia is …