Hit City USA’s Perfect White T-Shirt

A foray into classic apparel from the Los Angeles independent record label


There’s no staple piece of clothing quite like the plain white T-shirt. Its role in pop culture moved it from an undergarment, worn beneath dress shirts, and placed it front and center. Now, LA’s independent record label Hit City USA found the white T to be the most appropriate way to enter the world of apparel (after testing the waters with a bandana). Their California-made offering boasts a thick cotton and a fit that they’ve perfected.

“We are a record label, but along with some other things that we’ve done lately—zines, art prints and collaborating with friends—we’ve been working on how to establish ourselves as a lifestyle brand,” Hit City USA co-founder Colin Stutz shares with CH. “We started a year and a half ago and did it all from scratch, based on the fits that we liked. We worked on the pattern meticulously. Many of the T-shirts we were wearing every day, they were hanging long.” Stutz didn’t want to have to tuck in, so he cropped the design. As he sees it, the white T is the perfect daily outfit no matter what’s ahead, whether “out for the night or out at the beach or the mountains.” Co-founder Cameron Parkins cites inspiration from Paul Newman, Marlon Brando and James Dean—and the classic, iconic nature those men represent is reflected in the product.

Hit City USA’s Perfect White T-Shirts are available online for $32.

Image courtesy of Hit City USA