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Auclair: Jupiter + Venus

Old-school DāM-FЦПK, A Man of Ideas, new Cam’ron, a #PrivateJam from Bradley Zero and more in the music we tweeted this week

UK music website The 405 debuted a new track from London-based singer, songwriter and producer Auclair this week. From her forthcoming EP Semaphore, “Jupiter + Venus” is like the Goldilocks of new music; it’s the perfect combination of sweet and daunting, slow but steady, and instrumentally streamlined but beautifully produced (for which Auclair worked with Marc Pell of Micachu and the Shapes). The melody brings to mind lazy Sunday mornings spent sipping tea in a rocking chair (or better yet, a hammock). Keep an eye out for this and more when the EP drops this summer on Kit Records.


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