Holiday Gift Guides 2022: Musicality

Whether a fan of R&B or rock, hip-hop, alt-pop, punk, jazz or soul, there's a present for all music-lovers

Music inspires, motivates, soothes and thrills us. It’s an emissary of memories. Whether sharing our favorite songs, looking for records, testing headphones and speakers, playing instruments or reading about a beloved band, there are no limits to the pleasure of being in love with music. Inside our Musicality gift guide, you will find everything from record box-sets to turntables, merch, biographies and more—chosen for those …

Conclave Slipmat

Featuring the same psychedelic artwork by Lisa Rampilli that adorns the cover of Conclave’s self-titled album, the Conclave Slipmat is a mushroom-themed way to keep turntables dust-free. Made with polyester felt and printed with dye sublimation, the entrancing mat nods to the vibrant music it’s named after.

Link About It: This Week’s Picks

"Gay Christmas," illuminated drones finishing monuments, a portable record player and more this week

NYC to Require Salary Ranges Be Included in Job Postings Starting in November, a new NYC law will go into effect that requires companies with at least four employees to include the lowest and highest salaries for any job it posts. These incomes must accurately reflect what the company will be ready to pay prospective hires. Colorado made pay transparency mandatory earlier this year, and …