Gentemstick + YAMAtune Snowboard Socks

YAMAtune partnered with cult favorite Japanese snowboard brand Gentemstick (founded in 1998) to create the ideal socks for the mountain adventures. Whether split-boarding or snowboarding, these merino wool socks keep feet warm without overheating or hindering mobility. At mid-calf height, they are available as either round-toe or tabi socks. Price is in Yen.

Gift Guide: Summer Fitness Gear

Whether running on the city streets or hitting the beach, some of our favorite options

Whether surfing, swimming, jogging or taking classes, chances are a bunch of your workouts are happening outside right now—due to the weather, the pandemic or both. Moisture-wicking, flexibility and breathability in fabrics remain important in all conditions, as does comfort, performance and aesthetics. Without sacrificing any of those all-important elements, we have selected some of our favorite apparel options for summertime sports—as well as two …

French Running Brand Satisfy’s “Inner Trip Center” Short Film

A new collection and video epitomize their spiritual approach to sports

With a more spiritual approach to exercise than other sportswear manufacturers, French brand Satisfy launches its latest collection today and it’s accompanied by Inner Trip Center—a short film that explores sound, silence and environment. For the film, the Satisfy team accompanied composer, musician and producer Stephen O’Malley on a trip to the Baltic Island of Fårö, Sweden. Part performance, part interview, the cinematic piece centers …