La Sportiva Technical Climbing Apparel

The Boulder-based manufacturer releases a new line of women's active attire with style


Technical climbing apparel often has its fair share of sartorial drawbacks considering its demographic tends to move often and pack light—for female rock hoppers stylish yet functional choices are especially rare. Always compelled to pack light for trips, climbers might rely on one pair of pants for their entire outing—no matter how damaged they may have become after a week on the rock, and no matter how unflattering they may seem to any potential wide-eyed admirers of your skills. Boulder, Colorado-based La Sportiva is already renowned among climbers for their quality technical footwear, is now focusing on making technical climbing apparel that can masquerade as casual wear, with their women’s offerings blurring the line between casual and technical. “The silhouettes in the climbing apparel line are a direct tie to the ’70s era of rock-climbing and bouldering,” says La Sportiva’s president Jonathan Lantz. “Once you get them in your hands, you realize that these pieces have technical features that make them a lot different than just a casual piece.”

Many of the items in the line feature bright, retro styling along with the same attention to detail—such as the women’s Honkey tank top, which is made from organic cotton and is appealing enough take from the belay to the bar. The breathable halter top even has silicon tape in the back to help prevent any unintended exposure.
Made from durable yet comfortable fabrics, the line features design details that are unobtrusive but make all the difference to the dedicated climber.

The entire apparel line—men’s and women’s—launches on La Sportiva’s website today, 15 January.

Images courtesy of La Sportiva