French Running Brand Satisfy’s “Inner Trip Center” Short Film

A new collection and video epitomize their spiritual approach to sports

With a more spiritual approach to exercise than other sportswear manufacturers, French brand Satisfy launches its latest collection today and it’s accompanied by Inner Trip Center—a short film that explores sound, silence and environment. For the film, the Satisfy team accompanied composer, musician and producer Stephen O’Malley on a trip to the Baltic Island of Fårö, Sweden. Part performance, part interview, the cinematic piece centers on connection—being in tune, in touch and in sync with one’s surroundings. All this results in a spiritual high.

It’s that so-called “runner’s high” that fascinated Satisfy founder Brice Partouche and prompted him to start the brand. Rather than making apparel purely for performance, Satisfy aims to reduce elements that distract and discourage runners from achieving that level of clarity, connectedness and satisfaction. The new collection abides by that manifesto, with soft hues (and some muted tie-dye) on fabrics that reduce sound and eliminate static. Made for all genders, the range includes shorts, hoodies, T-shirts, belt bags and caps.

Images and film courtesy of Satisfy