Polestar’s New Design Studio in Gothenburg, Sweden

An integration of tradition and innovation informs the automaker's new studio and evolving visual language

Polestar (an EV brand co-owned by Volvo and Geely) has always upheld a pure and sophisticated design language. With the introduction of their forthcoming electric SUV, the Polestar 3, this remains true and further attests to how the Swedish carmaker has evolved its style. It makes sense then that the brand inaugurated a new studio dedicated to cultivating their lexicon of design. Visually and architecturally, the new space in Gothenburg, Sweden (right next to their global headquarters) represents Polestar’s ethos while serving as a site to refine how it’s conveyed going forward.

Acting as a home for 120 design team members, the modern, minimalist facility is where the automakers’ next three models will come to fruition. Formerly, the space was a Volvo facility completed in 1984 by Italian architect Romaldo Giurgola and local partner Owe Svärd. While it has since been given extensive upgrades and renovations, the new version honors the building’s history.

“When such care, attention to detail and material quality was so carefully considered at the point of construction back in 1982, it was important to me that we respected the original intentions when integrating our studio into the building. We deliberately showcase the original structure and detailing, respecting the very fabric that gives it its unique character,” says Maximilian Missoni, Polestar’s head of design.

“But while we wanted to respect tradition, we also wanted this to be a state-of-the-art home for our growing design team,” he continues. “So, alongside the glorious views out west of the Gothenburg archipelago, the studio features the latest equipment on the inside to make our jobs easier and produce better results in the most efficient way.”

As such, the building houses a clay working station, VR rooms, a material and color lab, digital studio spaces and more to inspire the team as they explore the ever-growing style of the brand. Much like the new SUV, the space nods to the brand’s Scandinavian heritage and a sense of forward-facing, thoughtful luxury.

Images courtesy of Polestar