Swimming Goggles

Swedish eyewear brand Chimi (founded in 2016 by Charlie Lindström and Daniel Djurdjevic) is best known for accessibly priced sunglasses, but they also make swim masks, goggles and snorkels. Their swimming goggles feature mirrored UV-protective lenses framed by soft silicone, and a non-slip head-strap. Available in orange, green, white or black, they’re super-sleek and sporty.

INDY 501 Socks

Stockholm-based brand SOCKSSS aims to elevate the humble garment by making them artistic, colorful and playful. Produced in Portugal from an organic cotton blend, these INDY 501 socks feature flames in clashing hues. Comfortable and breathable, they’re available in two sizes. Price is in Euros.

Joakim Ojanen’s Ceramic Creatures Capture the “Essence of Being Human”

Molding movement and catharsis through clay at NYC's The Hole gallery

Joakim Ojanen‘s sculptural cast of oddball characters captures feelings of childhood, adulthood and the awkward transformation in-between. Through semi-human and semi-monster ceramics and paintings, the Swedish artist crafts an ensemble of adolescent creatures whose juxtaposing compositions evoke nuanced and often conflicting emotions. His new NYC exhibit, The Part You Throw Away, sees the artist more personally than ever before. On view now through 31 December …