TID’s Minimal Watches

The Swedish brand gives select designers the chance to create their own limited edition timepieces

TID’s minimal yet distinctive watch design is sleek on its own, but has also always been crying out for reinterpretations. Up until now, the brand has done a grand job of subtly iterating its timepiece into new material and color combinations. From this year onwards, however, the Swedish brand will give specially selected designers the chance to interpret the watch as they see fit. This begins with the watch’s original designers Form Us With Love and their new Canvas 001.

“We want to embark on a creative program of temporary collections. The goal is to make TID a natural platform for experimentation,” says Ole E Bernestål, TID’s CEO.

Each designer will have exactly 12 months to create their limited edition and launch it at Milan Design Week. The Canvas 001 sees the watch stripped back clean into a monochromatic literal interpretation of how it will act in future designer’s hands—a blank canvas.

“We wanted to highlight the qualities of the design by reducing all decorative elements, bringing out a solid character, using a pure white silhouette,” says John Löfgren, co-founder of TID and creative director at Form Us With Love. Each edition will be numbered on both the watch and the strap. Given the amount of designers and creatives in TID’s network the Canvas promises to see some spirited reinventions and spectacular results.

Images courtesy of TID