TULU Provides Renters With Access to Household Products

Making appliances, tools and expensive equipment accessible

Available in New York and Tel Aviv, TULU provides household items to those living in close quarters or without flexible budgets. Everyday products (from vacuums to Playstation consoles, screwdrivers, projectors, and more) are available on-demand, for use on an hourly basis, through a rental agreement established with the company and hosted in a storage room within your building. TULU occupies these spaces within apartment complexes …

Calla Multi-Tool

This multifunctional two-piece set is an elevated tool made for tokers. The silver barrel helps with rolling, while the rose-gold poker acts as a filter or packer. Sleek and compact, the two pieces fit together neatly and the set easily fits inside a pocket. Price is in Canadian dollars.

Maple Measuring Set

Hewn from Eastern Hardrock maple, aluminum and natural cork, Grovemade’s measuring set features a ruler, protractor and triangle. Beautifully crafted, weighty and built to last, these tools are a sophisticated take on more common, flimsy iterations. Because of the aluminum base on each, all of your lines will be flush to whatever surface you’re working on.