Personal Body Unit Index Poster

Essentially a cheat sheet for measuring things, this print is incredibly handy

Whether you’re a professional designer or one of the many of us who attempts to measure things with your hands, the new Personal Body Unit Index poster from Brooklyn-based design studio CW&T will prove to be a very useful tool. The poster has been created to improve users’ sense of physical scale, and essentially means you will no longer have to carry a tape measure everywhere.

Featuring diagrams of the body in 17 positions (like wingspan, reach, knuckles, etc) the poster has blank spaces for users to fill in their body’s measurements. Ultimately (and ideally) you will end up remembering several of your own measurements. Clearly, this is super-useful when you’re at the hardware store, furniture shop, considering artwork or countless other everyday activities we all—no matter our profession—finds ourselves in.

The poster itself measures 12 inches by 39 inches (228mm by 990mm) and is printed on 100# Classic Crest paper. It features just three colors: grey, neon orange and white so it will look stylish in your studio, kitchen, office or garage.

Currently funding on Kickstarter, the Personal Body Unit Index poster can be yours for $25; shipping is expected in November this year.

Images courtesy of CW&T