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Manual and Hotline “Privatise the Mandem” Helps Fight Gentrification

In an effort to combat rapidly rising inner-city gentrification, London-based author Nabil Al-Kinani wrote and published Privatise the Mandem, a radical, 80-page manual on preserving the culture and affordability of lower-income neighborhoods. Within, Al-Kinani advocates for privatization, where council estate housing is collectively owned by those who live there. He offers the context of the current UK housing crisis, instructions on how to acquire estates, a detailed timeline diagram, inspirational stories of those who stood up to gentrification and won and even a hotline (+447554658435) to ask further questions on WhatsApp and Telegram, with Al-Kinani potentially dropping by in-person to discuss planning. “If we don’t secure the ends [inner-cities] now, there’s a real risk that we’ll imminently be displaced and our communities destroyed in the process,” says the author. Read more about Al-Kinani and his plan to preserve communities at The Face.

Image courtesy of Nabil Al-Kinani

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