Hedgerows Provide an Important Climate Solution

A trademark of the English garden, the hedgerow provides more than privacy and represents more than a cliche; the humble shrub offers an important climate solution. Britain already boasts 310,000 miles of hedgerow, but the Climate Change Committee (an independent entity based in the UK, founded under the Climate Change Act 2008) suggests planting 40% more by 2050, as they “slow down the runoff of water, guarding against flooding and soil erosion, and act as barriers to help prevent pesticide and fertilizer pollution getting into water supplies.” Hedgerows also help with air quality as they trap pollution. While we often think of massive forests providing the climate solutions we need, planting hedges is something many individuals can do help, making the climate crisis feel slightly less hopeless. Read more at The Guardian.

Image courtesy of Steven Booth/Alamy