Customized Slim Fit Boxer

With several color options to choose from and nine potential icons to embroider (a process done just outside of NYC, with over 2,000 stitches attributed to each image), Nice Laundry’s slim fit boxers allow for thoughtful customization. Comfort still remains the brand’s highest priority and their pima cotton/nylon blend offers a comfortable fit with stretch and breathability.

Fireside Plaid Red Full-Length Underwear

A slim-fitting base layer composed of soft, breathable tencel modal fabric, undergarment brand BN3TH’s Fireside Plaid Red Full-Length Underwear offers comfortable warmth. The long underwear features the brand’s signature pouch design, which aims to reduce human adjustment and shifting. The benefits of the sustainable fabric extend beyond the body and impact the environment, too.

Interview: CDLP Co-Founder + Creative Director Christian Larson on Underwear From Future-Oriented Fabric

Talking material innovation in light of the brand's new premium activewear category, Mobilité

Many of the fabrics, designs and mindsets behind underwear and its production are outdated. To be honest, the men’s undergarment industry has long suffered from a drought of fresh ideas. Underwear, let’s say, has gone stale. It’s been the mission of Swedish design company CDLP to upend that. Defined by their materials—which offer wearers everything from breathability and softness to shape-retention and durability—CDLP continues to …