All-Female Design Team Has Revamped the Classic Bra

Redesigning the classic bra isn’t a small feat. Bree McKeen first had the idea a decade ago when discussing her constant discomfort with a chiropractor, and they discovered her problem wasn’t her posture but her bra. The main issue was the underwire, an invention that was designed some 84 years ago. McKeen’s start-up, Evelyn & Bobbie, is crafting a better bra—and women are the designers and engineers on the project. Available in many shades, it’s a bra made for everybody and (of course) has no underwire. “The fabric wraps around the woman’s chest to focus on using the wearer’s chest and torso muscles, rather than relying on their shoulders to handle the weight.” The team also created an algorithm to figure out sizing, as they didn’t want any women to be put off by a numbered system. Read more at PSFK.