Montelena Estate Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

This expressive Cabernet Sauvignon from Calistoga, Napa Valley boasts notes of dried cherries, baking spices, and espresso beans on first open. On the palate, blackberry jam and bright acid counteract its denser aromas. But, as Chateau Montelena explains, further resting results in more complex notes of dried ginger, anise and cocoa. A lovely wine to share over the colder months, it’s rich and full-bodied.

Château Coutet’s Bordeaux From the 1700s

For almost 400 years, 14 generations of one family has owned Bordeaux’s Château Coutet. Here, four years ago, a worker discovered a bottle in a pile of dirt behind a broken wine rack. Everything about the bottle was unusual, including its sealing method (a glass heart). Wine heir Adrien David Beaulieu called upon a world-renowned glass expert and after four years of testing—from the chemical …

Works of Nature

Man-made materials outfit a series of wildlife sculptures from Rachel Denny

Making a name for herself by way of her “domestic trophies“, Rachel Denny reinterprets the impact of human contact with the natural world in her sculptures. Her wool and cashmere-coated faux-taxidermy creatures represent our instinct to remake that world in our image, an extension of carefully groomed gardens and domesticated animals. Her upcoming solo show “Works of Nature” at Foster/White Gallery in Seattle demonstrates a …