Standard Goods

Our interview with Garrett Colton on the new Guest Buyer Series


Nestled among the nail salons, kosher bakeries and breakfast joints on Beverly Boulevard in Los Angeles, Garrett Colton has set up St&ndard Goods, a general store for shoppers who love high-quality goods with clean design. Step inside the small shop and the eye is immediately drawn to Colton’s favorite paintings of two brothers clad in suit and tie. Colton found these paintings, dated 1960, at an Oklahoma City garage sale. Though he has had many offers, these dapper and slightly creepy gents set the tone for the shop and are not for sale.

Offerings include Sierra Designs parkas, vintage belts, MAKR wallets and iPad cases, West Sweet Preserves, Tourne ceramic vessels, skateboard decks and much more. A shelf of items features picks from the St&ndard Goods’ inaugural Guest Buyer Series, which kicks off with pieces picked by photographer Brian Ferry, from a vintage L.L. Bean shirt to a Minot 35 GT Analog Camera. We asked Colton to tell us about his new store, the St&ndard Goods Guest Buyer Series and upcoming collaborations.


What are three words that would best describe St&ndard Goods?

Timeless, basic, clean.

How did spelling standard with an ampersand come about?

My friend Carlos Morera works at Commune Design here in LA and is one of the most creative people I have ever met. I asked him to come up with some logos and what not for the store. When he added the “&” I knew it was right.

How did the idea for the Guest Buyer Series come about?

This idea is somewhat of a hybrid of a couple things. I really loved the idea of the Selby and going into various creative people’s homes, but I also liked the idea of GQ’s 10 Essentials with designers. The Guest Buyer Series is something kind of in the middle. When I worked at Band of Outsiders, I would sometimes go the flea market with my boss to pick out stuff for his home. The consumer in me would think, what if ______ was here shopping. What would he/she buy?


When did you first meet Brian Ferry? How did he approach his set of items?

I first met Brian in late December in New York. He found some things during his time in London and he also found some things in New York. I wanted him to pick out things that he gravitated to and I think Brian has great style and taste and didn’t need to guide him on what to buy. It’s really about letting the guest buyer pick out what they want. It’s not me pointing, “Hey, buy this.” Brian picked out things that he would really buy. He sent me an email hesitating on sending me this stuff because he wanted to keep it. That’s when I knew that he picked out great stuff.


Brian Ferry is including a photograph of the item with the purchase. Bonus art with purchase seems like an idea that should happen more often. Thoughts?

Brian came up with this idea so I can’t take full credit, but I loved it and knew it was a brilliant idea. Brian has a loyal following and we wanted to give those who buy one of his pick’s a special something. The fun thing about the Guest Buyer Series is really making each one unique. With Brian’s photography, we wanted to do something extra. The one thing I have really enjoyed the most about the GBS is that we are really telling a story. Christine Brown directs, edits, and produces the video, which interviews the guest buyer. We show pictures and footage of the buyer, the products, why they bought each item. Whenever I buy something, I always like to hear a good story behind an item, if there is one.

What other projects and collaborations are coming up at St&ndard Goods?

We’ve got some great things in the works. I’m currently making some more things with some really talented people. We are doing a collaboration with RTH that I am really excited about. That will hit both of our shops in mid February. We have some more great people lined up for the guest buyer series. Lastly, a show with Brian Ferry at our shop that will happen in late spring.

Standard Goods

7151 Beverly Boulevard

Los Angeles, CA 90036