Château Coutet’s Bordeaux From the 1700s

For almost 400 years, 14 generations of one family has owned Bordeaux’s Château Coutet. Here, four years ago, a worker discovered a bottle in a pile of dirt behind a broken wine rack. Everything about the bottle was unusual, including its sealing method (a glass heart). Wine heir Adrien David Beaulieu called upon a world-renowned glass expert and after four years of testing—from the chemical make-up to wear and tear—he determined the bottle was stoppered roughly around 1750, give or take 20 years. At that time, it was far more common for wine to be sold by the barrel, so this bottle was clearly produced for a special occasion. There are no plans to open it, but at over 200 years old, it is most likely (and unfortunate) that the wine has spoiled.