Designer Marijuana Strains Fight Driving-While-High

In order to educate about the effects and dangers of driving while stoned, RIDE Checks (a Canadian anti-drug-driving initiative) has created three strains of cannabis. The three strains—Kourtoom Krush, White Whiplash and Slammer Time—were crafted with licensed medical marijuana grower Beleave, and together they also made a website that outlines victim testimonies, criminal punishments for driving while high, statistics, and more. Read more at PSFK.

Pairing Wine And Weed

Stereotypically, pot pairs well with ice cream, potato chips and cookies, but in the ever-evolving and growing world of cannabis, its reputation is being elevated in all ways. We’ve seen countless companies offer a more sophisticated take on marijuana over the past several years, and one of the newest delving into food and cannabis is the Sonoma Cannabis Company. They are offering “curated” farm-to-table dining …

Herb Essentials

Minimally packaged, this new line advances the lesser-known skincare benefits of cannabis oil

Cannabis-based skincare isn’t new, but there’s something special about the body lotion that’s been sitting atop our bathroom sink for the past few weeks. The simple black-and-white minimalist branding on the bottle sets it apart from what you might typically find at the health food store, and it’s something you’d want to leave out for guests to use—including your mother, who might not even realize …