Childproof Packaging Developments from the Cannabis Industry

Between Colorado’s code about marijuana packaging that can’t be easily opened by children, yet can be accessed by seniors and people with disabilities, and California’s requirement that the same packaging must be tamper-evident, plenty of innovation has struck the cannabis industry. It was only exacerbated by the development of edibles, topicals, and concentrates. Thus, companies like and began to push new ground, with …

Cannabis Recommendation Site, Say Hi

An editorial platform with insight on the best new products

Tapping into the fervor and drive around cannabis products, Say Hi might be the perfect discovery service, anchored by an editorial platform for those looking to stay updated on the most innovative marijuana-related releases. While they’re not alone out there, Say Hi differentiates themselves with a high-quality approach to content, brand and design. Every two weeks the site is populated with new products, touching everything …

Designer Marijuana Strains Fight Driving-While-High

In order to educate about the effects and dangers of driving while stoned, RIDE Checks (a Canadian anti-drug-driving initiative) has created three strains of cannabis. The three strains—Kourtoom Krush, White Whiplash and Slammer Time—were crafted with licensed medical marijuana grower Beleave, and together they also made a website that outlines victim testimonies, criminal punishments for driving while high, statistics, and more. Read more at PSFK.