Cannabis Recommendation Site, Say Hi

An editorial platform with insight on the best new products

Tapping into the fervor and drive around cannabis products, Say Hi might be the perfect discovery service, anchored by an editorial platform for those looking to stay updated on the most innovative marijuana-related releases. While they’re not alone out there, Say Hi differentiates themselves with a high-quality approach to content, brand and design. Every two weeks the site is populated with new products, touching everything from topicals to edibles, technology and accessories. A filter-by-state option further hones recommendations in a simple and user-friendly manner.

When viewers like a product, they can be added to the “Stash.” Unfortunately this does not enable purchasing, but it will alert users if the product every becomes available in their state. Rounding out Say Hi’s features, the Hi & Low blog brings their informed and ever-aware voice to the conversation. Altogether, it’s an efficient,
design-forward resource for cannabis enthusiasts.

Images courtesy of Say Hi