Pairing Wine And Weed

Stereotypically, pot pairs well with ice cream, potato chips and cookies, but in the ever-evolving and growing world of cannabis, its reputation is being elevated in all ways. We’ve seen countless companies offer a more sophisticated take on marijuana over the past several years, and one of the newest delving into food and cannabis is the Sonoma Cannabis Company. They are offering “curated” farm-to-table dining experiences for which weed is paired with wine and food. But with this comes concerns regarding California’s land, economy, tourism, traffic and more. NPR took a closer look and if this sentence—”On the elegant terrace of a winery overlooking the vineyard-covered hills of Sonoma County, north of San Francisco, a dozen invited guests are sipping pinot noir, nibbling hors d’oeuvres and taking hits off a water pipe”—piques your interest, you should head there to read more.