Austere Launches KiBiSi + Biomega OKO Lightweight E-Bike

A beautifully designed carbon fiber pedelec

Finding the balance between functionality, weight and aesthetics is no easy task—especially when it comes to electric bikes. With Biomega‘s latest, the Biomega OKO designed in collaboration with Bkarje Ingels‘ industrial design firm KiBiSi, all three have been successfully taken into account. The new pedelec is fast, light and beautiful—looking a bit like a glance at the future set in the ’60s. Available for pre-order now, through LA’s Austere, we took one for a spin yesterday and were impressed.

KiBiSi’s collaboration comes after a successful partnership between designer Mark Newson and Biomega, which resulted in the SYD bike. And in many ways, it’s a sibling bicycle for the SYD, in that both have been pared down, reimagined and also unite technology and visual identity. Integration plays an important role with the Biomega OKO—with cables tucked away into a sleek frame. The bike, with fenders included, maxes out under 18.9kgs, and is perfectly weighted with a center of gravity in the middle. It also comes in three sizes, and with two options: a two-speed and an eight-speed.

And yet, performance is what it all boils down to. The Biomega OKO offers 25 to 40 miles supported with three different levels of power assistance, including an Economy and Boost mode. It offers up 250Ws of kick, meaning it requires no additional license. The engine has been integrated into the front wheel hub, while the battery-pack is in the top tube. Altogether, it makes urban mobility that much easier—while looking good in the process.

Biomega OKO two-speed is available for pre-order now for $2295, or the OKO eight-speed for $2695 via Austere. Bikes are expected to ship in December.

Images courtesy of Biomega